2BU Youth Ranch

Youth finding faith, healing , hope and trust with horses.

How you can help?

Prayer - Truly the greatest gift anyone can give is prayer. Prayer costs us nothing but a few moments of our time, its something that everyone can give, and it is unquestionably the one most powerful thing we can do for each other. It is something that 2BU Youth Ranch would greatly appreciate

Wish List - Grass hay, one ton of alfalfa, Equine senior feed, plastic manure fork handles, grooming tools, wheel barrows, halters and leadropes, Ring ties, fly spray, water tanks, buckets, leather cleaner, headstalls, reins, bits, saddle pads, 2 - 33" mohair cinches, office supplies, and craft materials. Boots, helmets and gloves are always needed for our youth. Bottled water is always needed also.


She came to 2BU because of her passion for horses.  Adopted out of the foster system, there were some behavioral problems. Within a few months we noticed a new sense of confidence.  She is more verbal, has a better attitude and reduced power struggles at home.  I have always believed in horse therapy, but now have seen the results first hand.  We feel so blessed to be a part of 2BU and so thankful for Nancy, her vision and energetic volunteers.”


“The youth was 12 years old, would not interact with others and had severe ADHD.  He came to us when his father read an article written about us losing our hay in a fire.  After spending two months is our program, he is interacting with others and his concentration level has improved to the point of straight A’s in school. 


 There is nothing like that look of wonder when a child’s face lights up as they experience that emotion. Whether it is a movement or control of the horse, or how it relates to them and their life.  It is a feel of accomplishment that we strive for with our youth that come to 2BU Youth Ranch. To mentor them through a tough time, emotion, or just the right feel of the horse, is something we take very seriously.  Of course fun is included and lots of love.

We try very hard to show them that God’s unconditional love and understanding really does exist, and that they have access to it.  Hopefully this will lead to the important conversations, such as how much God loves them, who Jesus really is, why they are here and how we can help.


The horse is how we get there.  It is the connection – the breakthrough. The unconditional love!


It costs 2BU about $20.00 a week per horse for their meals, foot care and other necessities.  That’s about three lattes worth of support you could provide for our horses.  Please help. 


2BU Youth Ranch

Nancy L Wolf          

2BU Youth Ranch is set up to receive donations in the form of cash, check, and money order through our office. We also accept Pay Pal on line. All donations are tax deductible, 2BU Youth Ranch is a 501 (c) (3) non profit organization.

You can support a Youth for a 6 week session for only $50.00. Help our Families support their Kids!

If you would like to send your donation by mail, feel free to send it to the following address:

 2BU Youth Ranch 17412 E. Foothills Rd. Spokane, Washington 99217

If you would like a receipt, please include your name and address with your donation.

 You can also help 2BU Youth Ranch when you shop with a Fred Meyers Rewards Card - just go to fredmeyers.com and then to their community rewards and choose 2BU Youth Ranch as your favorite non profit.

You can also support us when you shop on Amazon just go to 


Grass Hay

Each horse eats approximatley 5 tons of hay per year. At $200.00 per ton, providing grass hay for our horses is a continuing necessity. If you are interested in sharing a donation of hay to the ranch, please feel free to give us a call at our office, during office hours  12:00 - 5:00pm   at   509.922.1981.